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2020-08-21 19:28






E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) and China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance recently signed a multi-dimensional strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen on the platform framework of "smart medical, intelligent health, smart old-age care".

The signing marks the establishment of a solid, multi-dimensional strategic partnership between the two sides, which will carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the fields of "smart medicine, intelligent health, smart old-age care" to achieve complementary advantages and jointly promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the Internet medical industry.

On the eve of the signing of the agreement, Professor Zhang Xiaoxin, Executive Chairman of the China Smart Cities Construction Investment Alliance, Mr. Hu Yuhong, Executive Secretary, Ms. Zhu Shiqian, Director of the Government Science and Technology Services Department, Mr Lin Zhitong, Chairman of the Smart Health and Great Health Industry Committee of the China-Intelligence Alliance and Chairman of the Shenzhen Zhengtong Investment Company, and other leaders and management teams visited E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) multiple times to understand about the company's culture, honors, technology research and product, and also the patented technology and the market application progresses in the field of “Intelligent medicine, intelligent health, intelligent old-age care". E-Techco (AnyCheck Health)’s innovation and research and development results have been highly praised and evaluated.

Chairman Zhang of the China-Intelligence Alliance said that E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) has been developed rapid and steady in the past 18 years, establishing strong capabilities in different aspects – this is directly decided by the touch working style of the Chairman and CEO of E-Techco (AnyCheck Health), Mr Zhang Guan-jing, who is ambitious, insightful and smart. As the explorer and practicer at the forefront of China's intelligent medical and health care industry, E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) has set an excellent example to the entrepreneurs of the whole China Internet health industry, making it more confident for us to work together in good faith and achieve win-win cooperation. We hope that the Sino-Intellectual Alliance and E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) can seize the opportunity, strengthen communication and exchanges, and further develop in-depth cooperation on the basis of existing cooperation projects to contribute to the health of the Chinese people.

Mr. Zhang Guan-jing, Chairman and CEO of E-Techco (AnyCheck Health), said that the company will actively rely on the platform advantages of China's smart city construction investment alliance, and join hands with the alliance and its member units to integrate development and scientific innovation, to realize mutual assistance and win-win cooperation. The company will combine the first-class artificial intelligence, Internet technology with the first-class medical knowledge, to provide intelligent, information, precision services for the vast number of patients and medical and health care, pension institutions. By embracing "smart health care, intelligent health, wisdom and old-age care", E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) strive to be the leader of China's intelligent medical and health care industry and the banner of the China's smart city, to create China's smart industry brand and contribute to the establishment of healthy China's "smart city"!