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2020-07-20 16:02





From July 11 to 13, 2020, in view of the requirements of epidemic prevention, the semi annual working meeting of E-techco (Anycheck health) lung cancer AI-CAD project was held online in three R & D centers of E-techco group, namely Shenzhen headquarters, Shenyang branch and Xi'an Branch. Mr. Zhang guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-techco group (Anycheck health), presided over the meeting. Academicians Qian Wei, Zheng bin, Yao Yudong, Zhao Mingfang, Ma He and Qi Shouliang, scientists of the Pearl River team of our company, attended the meeting and published relevant special reports. Ms. Xiao Yingfen, vice chairman of E-techco group (Anycheck health), Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO, Ms. Liang Yanni, CEO, Mr. Su Chaoying, technical director, Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, chief engineer, Mr. Zhao Li, director of strategic cooperation business, Ms. Zhang Yue, investment director, Ms. Yang Bohan, director of investment relations and Ms. Chen Cong, assistant to the president, and all AI-CAD R & D team Members and other core teams attended the whole meeting, listened to the half year work report of lung cancer AI-CAD project of medical AI technology research and development team such as Dr. Tang suming, director of AI-CAD R & D group, and conscientiously summarized the work of the first half of the year, and made detailed arrangements for the work planning of the second half of the year.
The conference focused on AI-CAD intelligent diagnosis of lung cancer, medical imaging closely related to cancer mechanism, and AI model construction. At the meeting, academician Yao Yudong reviewed and summarized the progress of the previous phase of the project, and then Dr. Tang, director of the project team, presented the phased work results of the project. Professor Ma and Professor Qi made a detailed work report on the completion of the project indicators and the work plan for the second half of the year. After that, the academician and scientist team discussed the new developments in the field of AI-CAD oncology The theory, new knowledge, new technology, exchange and display the new progress in the field of tumor imaging, and share their latest research results and unique experience, which brings us a feast of academic feast!
Finally, chairman Zhang guanjing concluded that the meeting focused on the frontier research and application of AI in various disciplines of tumor diagnosis and treatment, which pointed out the direction for the future safety testing and health research and development team to pay close attention to the development of multimodal tumor medical imaging intelligent analysis and auxiliary diagnosis system, and will certainly drive the development and reform of a new round of medical imaging research and development of E-techco (Anycheck health). E-techco (safety test health) will play an active role in chronic disease management, medical imaging, tumor screening and other aspects with continuous innovation ability and high-quality service, so as to win more future!
The team of academicians and scientists also fully affirmed the achievements of E-techco (Anycheck health) academician workstation, appreciated the achievements of our company in the field of intelligent medical and health, and said that it would pay further attention, support and help to the discipline construction and innovative research and development of E-techco (Anycheck health), so as to jointly help the construction of healthy China!